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The full Thistle tutorial ebook in English.

In the project I am describing five variations of thistle embroidery:

  • Welsh thistle: viscose tassel, ribbon elements and embroidery with glass seed beads
  • Scottish thistle: fan feather layout, ribbon elements and sequin embroidery
  • Irish thistle: seed bead tassel, stumpwork embroidery with woollen and cotton threads
  • Icelandic thistle: long ribbon elements, chenille embroidery
  • Arctic thistle: parallel feather layout, ribbon elements and cotton thread embroidery

You can mix the variations to get 25 different thistles.

Technical info:

The book is 65 pages long and it is full of pictures and explanations of all the variations of thistle embroidery: Welsh, Scottish, Irish, Icelandic and Arctic.

Each book is available in PDF and Epub formats in different of resolution. The book is designed for the 2page spreadsheet so I highly recommend checking Epub file. Additionally there is a A4 file with useful schemes.

During the livestream marathon in instagram account @polalab you will be able to check live workshops about each variation. The videos will be available during a period of time: from 21st February to 10th March.

In the additional chapter you will find alternative way to create thistle petals and a 3d pendant thistle embroidery.

In the chapter Inspiration you will find samples of mixing the variations as well as the embroideries of marathon participants. After I finish my personal project I will update the chapter with additional pictures.

You can check my embroidery artworks closely in my blog:


or on the website:


Happy stitching!

I want this!

The full Thistle Embroidery tutorial